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Financial Independence and Retire Early – FIRE in India
Indians are shrewd to a large extent when it comes to money. Still, our orthodox upbringing and way of life makes it difficult to digest the concept of FIRE in India. The possibility of someone retiring at 40 or even 35 is very difficult for our relatives

FIRE in India – Financial Independence and Retire early for Indians

and friends to believe.

It is very much possible to achieve financial independence and retire early in India. With proper planning and a disciplined goal you will be able to get there. I am on that journey and I will help you along too. FIRE does not necessarily mean that early retirement is the goal. You need not forcefully retire, but it is achieving financial freedom and not depending on our salary that is key. It is building a stream of Passive income that helps us break free from the bonds of our monthly pay check that fuels the desire to FIRE!
What you will find in this section

All about Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE)
Goals and Plans for Early retirement and Financial freedom
Real life experiences and success stories of people FIRING in India
Motivation, ideas, tips, tricks and ways for you to start towards Financial Independence

And more. Little Saves is an Indian investment blog talking of my journey towards FIRE in India. This is the place where you can follow my journey and also start your own journey to save money, earn passive income and attain financial freedom for yourself.

What is the FIRE movement, how does it work

What is the FIRE movement? How does it work? How to get started?

All you need to know about Financial Independence and Retire early aka FIRE movement. Brief history and what is stands for and how you can do it too
Is Early retirement and FIRE only for Rich? What if my salary is low?

Is Early retirement and FIRE only for Rich? What if my salary is low?

A salary of Rs.30,000 is enough to FIRE. Here's an example (with excel calculator) of a 27yr old Hero in India on journey to FIRE by age 49 with low salary

What is an emergency fund? Plan and set up one in India

Here's my strategy in setting up an emergency fund in India for myself.The plan is, you're covered for 6 months emergency and it gives you decent returns
Documents in case of emergency- for spouse and children if I die

If You Die – Documents in case of Emergency for spouse and children

If you are ever in an accident or pass away, here is a list of documents in case of emergency, you need to keep in order to help your spouse and children

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