Now at Rs.15 lakhs, my May’20 Investment updates

Here is my investment updates for the month of May'20. Crypto currencies have finally made it into my investment portfolio! Yay! More on this later
May'20 Investment updates on my FIRE Journey towards Financial Independence and Retire Early

Some investments are starting to seem green at last! My mutual funds do have some way to go before getting into positive territory. Bus stocks definitely are doing better. I have added more stocks at current levels. Not just that, I am planning to divert monthly contributions from Mutual Funds and other Alternate investments to Stocks for the next month or two.

The other major change this month is that I have finally taken a dip and invested in some crypto currency. I got bitcoins worth about Rs.15,000. There are a few other crypto related activities I have started to see if I can earn some money on the side through them. Once I sufficiently test them out, and if they do pay out, I will write about it to let you know.

May’20 In a nutshell:

  • I have a total of Rs.15.17 lakhs as savings. My target for this month was Rs.12.59 lakhs, so I am doing pretty well meeting this target
  • Mutual Funds and stocks are not doing well, but they have recovered a lot from last month
  • I have moved the GOLDBEES I was holding to the Government Gold Bonds they sold in May. So that should be giving me a steady return of 2.5% pa while appreciating with the price of Gold (if it increases that is!)

My Overall Investments and Progress as of April’20

Final GoalRs.5 Crores
Total InvestedRs. 13,95,176
Current ValueRs. 15,17,000
Goal Achieved3.03%
Passive Income in Apr’20Rs.5,992
Time left137 of 144

New stuff that came up in May’20

Some interesting posts in May’20. Here is list, check them out

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Personal Updates

As for my personal updates:

Articles on FIRE and Personal Finance

A couple of articles around saving money, offers and reducing Debt.

Value of Portfolio as of May’2020

CategoryRoI%Total InvestedMay’20Apr’20Mar’20Feb’20Jan’202019
Stock Market Investments-4.87%393,031373,871368,031225,920132,894132,894145364.95
Mutual Funds Investments-6.29%178,234167,020170,61585,407111,693115,00493,430
Alternate Investments17.70%710,480836,250837,050984,388980,106940,275903400
P2P Lending Investments-2.84%98,43195,63993,05644,74326,61826,3832,777
Crypto Currencies-6.39%15,00014,04100000
Cashbacks, Rewards and Points030,17927,67138,84335,98735,68741133.99
Cashbacks&Points Redeemed0244813688181811437945398156

Extra Income earned in May’2020

Passive Income Earned2020 – TotalMay’20Apr’20Mar’20Feb’20January’202019 Total
Alternate Investments131502500250031502500250030000
P2P Lending Investments2240.58923.81669.773652354747
Cashbacks& Rewards Redeemed38844.52448.04136881818.11114379453.3598155.78

Stock Market Investments Update for May 2020

I took two noteworthy actions in May’20

  1. The Goldbees I bought last month in April’20, I have sold them to buy the same amount in the Government’s Gold Bond sold in May’20. This is going to be giving me a fixed income of 2.5% interest and value of it will continue appreciating with Gold price increases.
  2. I continue to accumulate more stocks.My portfolio as of now is as below:
SymbolQTYBuy atBuy Price
Total  420517.1

Mutual Fund Investment Updates for Apr 2020

Mutual funds continue to swing up and down. But, nothing too concerning at the moment here.

TotalTotal InvestedMay’20Apr’20Mar’20Feb’20January’20Value Dec’19November’19October’19
SBI Focused Equity Fund433403886140086255693306233568310002914726668
Axis Midcap Fund566645422955209334394177742427339692721426666
Nippon India Small Cap99007987815470931014710754809560093900
L&T Midcap Fund200001980819937607082588600616741322000
HDFC Small Cap Fund300002857829503531676518224586938912000
L&T India Value Fund833073537474470165457009518634731666
DSP Midcap Fund100001020410252321942534422314420931000

Alternate Investments Update May’20

I’v finally ventured into Bitcoins in a big way. Instead of reporting it under Alternate investments, I am

All other alternate investments remain the same.

TotalTotal InvestedMay’20Apr’20Mar’20Feb’20January’20December’19November’19October’19
Loan to Family Friend @ 15% pa200000200000200000200000200000200000200000200000200000
Sun Exchange31400327503275032750321003400340034000
Loan to Friend10000010000010000010000010000010000010000000
Investment/Insurance Funds300000300000300000300000300000300000300000300000300000
Loan Taken @ 7% pa-100000-100000-100000-100000-100000-100000-100000-100000-100000
Liquid Fund (for Emergency) @7% pa0001713817006168751244100
Cash (for Emergency) @4% pa350035004300350000000

P2P Lending Updates for Apr-2020

Issues of repayments are still there from past loans to countries such as Kazakhstan and Poland etc. Their Governments have continued implementing morartium on paying back loans. At the moment about 40% of my loans are impacted and I have not got the interest payments on them. This is slowly coming down as more and more businesses in these countries open up.

P2P lendingTotal InvestedMay’20Apr’20Mar’20Feb’20January’20December’19

Rewards and Cashbacks balance in the month of April’20

Cashbacks, Rewards and Points – Redeemed

  • Our expenses have been low due to the lockdown. We have not made any major purchases or planned for any holidays. Hence in the realm of cashbacks and rewards too is seeing little action
Cashbacks & Points RedeemedTotal InvestedMay’20Apr’20Mar’20Feb’20January’202019 Total
American Express Points00900000010000
All other Credit Cards018811916198304070
Flipkart Supercoins & Vouchers00400279130001000
Other points programs000000500
Paytm Cashbacks01131118.114516.42213
Amazon Pay Card+Cashbacks0457.0457172781297026,938
Play Rewards00000060

Cashbacks, Loyalty Points and rewards – Balance

  • I paid off a couple of Insurance premiums for my family members using my credit cards, so some increase in points from CRED and the cards 🙂
  • Nothing much here, all quite till Corona dies down.
Cashbacks & Points BalanceTotal InvestedMay’20Apr’20Mar’20Feb’20January’20December’19November’19October’19
American Express Points0159.1159.181408357.167161.846491.524824.543879.54
Flipkart Supercoins & Vouchers013781122192018082860276412701250
Hotels & Stay points025932593259325932593259325932593
Other points programs0200200200200200700700700
IOC Rewards0279.3276276249224.7207.9201.90
Play Rewards0263.97256233.66221146.18125.978983
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Abhi is a 29 yr old Indian, on FIRE to retire by 40. He has been investing and learning Finance for the past 12 years. After completing Mechanical engineering, he started working in a multi-national Bank and grew to become an AVP. Currently with an IT MNC as a VP. He lives in Bangalore with his wife and their 1 year old daughter. In his free time, Abhi loves to game on the Xbox, watch movies, read and blog.

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