Investment Goal: 5-to-5-in-12 (October’19 Update)

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This is the first month in my grand 5-to-5-in-12 investment goal. I have carefully planned my strategy of how I will get there, with patience, hard work, discipline and a little bit of luck, I will reach my goal 12 years from now. Join me in this journey, give me strength, set up your own goal and let’s do this together.

Investment Goal: 5-to-5-in-12

What is this 5-to-5-in-12? In a nut shell, I am 28 years old and I have Rs.5 lakhs which I have been saving in the past 10 years of my college and work life. 5-to-5-in-12 is my grand investment goal to grow this Rs.5 Lakhs to Rs.5 Crores in 12 years, that is by the time I am 40 years old. This as corpus will be sufficient for me to be financially independent and even retire early if I choose to. Have you heard of the 5-to-5-in-12 challenge?

Total Savings as of October

Where How Much
Stock Market Rs.1,50,000
Mutual Funds Rs.1,69,500
Loan to family friend Rs.2,00,000
Total Rs.5,19,000

I start of with a total of Rs.5,19,000 on this journey. I know not if I will make it to Rs.5 Crores 12 years down the line. But I sure as hell am going to find out, and enjoy the ride along the way!

In the coming months you will be seeing more of how these investments pay off, other investments I make and my progress towards my investment goal.

Little Saves & some more

Thinking one can grow 5 lakhs into 5 crores through investments alone in 12 years is madness. That is over 10000% increase and when looked at linearly, I need to amass Rs.42,00,000 every year to meet this target. 42 lakhs, for a lower middle class aadmi like me is a dream!

So how do I get there? Do I have a plan? Yes, I do. I have a plan, monthly targets, goals and more. This is all going to unfold as you join me in this journey.

My philosophy revolves around two simple concepts:

  • Save Smart: This means you reduce your expenses, pick the best of deals, spend every rupee wisely, ensure that you get the best of value for each rupee you spend. I boast at times that when I buy something for Re.1, I am actually paying Re.0.75. Because, I use multiple ways such as discounts, cash backs, credit card points, miles etc to minimize and save.
  • Invest better: This means you systematically pick the best options to invest that yield the best of returns at the least of risks. There are a number of traditional and non-traditional avenues for you to get returns. I explore them all and as you read more and more on, you will be able to pick up some of these yourself.

Who is Abhi?

If you are following me and this journey of mine, you need to know more about me. What is my background? What is my salary? My lifestyle, etc. I will be open about all this. You will find some details here. You will get to know lots more about me as you keep following and read more about my progress.


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Abhi is a 29 yr old Indian, on FIRE to retire by 40. He has been investing and learning Finance for the past 12 years. After completing Mechanical engineering, he started working in a multi-national Bank and grew to become an AVP. Currently with an IT MNC as a VP. He lives in Bangalore with his wife and their 1 year old daughter. In his free time, Abhi loves to game on the Xbox, watch movies, read and blog.

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