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Ideas to Save Money

Reach financial goals faster by saving money
My philosophy can be fit into two simple ideas. 1.) Save money 2.) smart Investment Management. This is all about,

Embracing frugality
Cutting the clutter in your life
Saving your time and funds through better planning
Striking great deals and
Buying at the right time.

As the saying goes, a rupee saved is a rupee earned.
Why saving is important

Money saved is as good as money earned
Saving cash is easier than earning cash
It is easy and becomes a second nature once you get the hang of it
It is difficult to reach your financial and FIRE goals by just earning a lot. Saving money can get you there faster

Best ways and ideas on saving money in India How to save money in India
Articles and posts in this section will talk and show you expert ways on how you too can save and build a healthy savings balance in India. These are not just for those who are earning a lot of salary. Even some one earning as little as Rs.7,000 a month can still benefit from the tips and advice on saving money. Eg: By simply planning and timing your monthly grocery purchases, I will show you how you can reduce your grocery expenses by as much as 25%! And there is more ideas and tips on saving money in this section.

With a bit of practice your mind will automatically start to save and choose the best ways to spend money so that you save and spend less.

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