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Welcome to the Little Saves Podcast on Personal Finance

Little saves podcasts concentrates on personal finance for the layman. You get to learn the basics of money management, tips and tricks on saving money, earning side income and also setting up a stream of passive income.

The Little Saves Podcast on Personal Finance covering Financial independence and saving money

The Little Saves Podcast on Personal Finance covering Financial independence and saving money

My podcasts will focus on the following 5 major categories:

  1. Personal Finance
  2. FIRE in India – Financial Independence and Retire Early
  3. Earning extra income and generating Passive Income
  4. My monthly financial updates and progress on my investments
  5. Deals and Offers for you

Here is a set of questions and answers on National pension scheme explaining the what and how of NPS, long term investment in it as well as tax savings

Here's a look in to Indian penny stock market and views on buying penny stocks,investing in them with a long term perspective,evaluating risk and rewards

Let's look at what is CIBIL score in India and way to improve your cibil score as well as how you can maintain a good credit score

There are so many questions on how cashbacks work, how to earn rewards and how to use reward points. Let's look at these perks of credit card in detail

There are some great strategies to save money on the FIRE journey. Geo Arbitrage is a great method to save money and for retirement. Here is how it works

Continuous compounding nature of cash is very important in making you rich. Here's explaining what is compounding and definition of compound interest

Luck and money are often connected together. Do you really need to be lucky to get rich? Is there a way to attract money with good luck? Let's look at this

We look at some of the modern Pyramid and ponzi schemes that are doing the rounds making investors lose money.These include bitcoin scams & crypto fraud

This episode looks into what you should do when your investments drop due to COVID or any other global calamity.And some wisdom from Kipling on staying calm

Here is more information on the FIRE movement, different types of FIRE such as FAT and LEAN FIRE. There's also some motivation for you from Nelson Mandela!

Introduction to Little Saves podcast on Personal finance, what I will be covering and what you will be able to learn on finance, FIRE, money, savings etc

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