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Abhi’s Investment Portfolio – as of April’2021

Here is my monthly progress report on how close I am to my FIRE goals.



Abhi is a 30 years old engineer living in Bangalore. He’s on a mission to save Rs.5 Crores by age 40 to retire and do what he loves, no longer needing to worry about a job. He hopes to achieve financial independence by building a stream of passive income sources that make early retirement a possibility.

Achieved out of Rs.5 Crore Goal


Time left to achieve FIRE Target

Current Month’s Investment Snapshot

FIRE Goals & Progress​

Value of my Portfolio by Category​

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Monthly Income & Expenses

1Income (Spouse & Myself)158,772
2Total Passive Income54,644
3Passive Income (as cash in hand)2,502
4To Parents25,000
6Apartment Maintenance2,800
7Household Expenses8,000
9Misc/Unforeseen Expenses2,000
10MBA EMI (0% interest)23,000

Better your Personal Finances

better personal finances

  • Financial Independence​: Learn to stop depending on your salary and get to a point where a full time job is just optional.​
  • Retire Early​: Are you planning to work 9 to 5 till 65? Well Early retirement is a possibility and we show you how.​
  • Passive Income​: Stop chasing money. With a good stream of passive income money follows you no matter how little work you do.​
  • Investing for Beginners​: No jargons, here are easy steps that can get your mausi to start investing and making money multiply​
  • Money Management​: Learn to manage money like a pro. Get the best of templates and tips to make your father in law jealous.​

Passive Income per month​

Alternate Investments​

Other Investments

wdt_IDCategoryInvestedCurrent Value
1Loan to Family Friend @ 15% pa200,000200,000
2Sun Exchange33,42236,150
3Loan to Friend00
7New Property Fund00
8Investment/Insurance Funds404,800404,800
9Loan Taken @ 7% pa-100,000-100,000
10Liquid Fund (for Emergency) @7% pa00
11Cash (for Emergency) @4% pa65,84566,582
13Fixed Deposit @5.5%25,00025,000

P2P Investments​

Cashbacks & Rewards – Balance​

wdt_IDMonthAmerican Express PointsCashkaroCREDAirmilesFlipkart Supercoins & VouchersHotels & Stay pointsOther points programsQuickrideIOC RewardsPlay RewardsTotal
101 Feb 20214,5321,50317,02520,8131,2312,5932,2000221,00050,919
301 Jan 20216,7941,25215,88920,6371,2072,5932,2000221,00051,593
801 Dec 20205,9359513,88720,1021,2072,5932,2000161,00047,034
901 Nov 20204,1825,54614,67519,7531,7522,5932,2000161,00051,715
1001 Oct 20205,3885,54613,99319,4312,7052,59320003031,00051,158
1101 Sep 20204,4934,80612,63118,8452,9452,59320003031,04947,864
1201 Aug 20203,7343,84711,38118,5452,5772,593200028639943,562
1301 Jul 20202,8943,20410,71315,6502,2292,593200028632438,093
1401 Jun 20202,0913,1989,25314,7901,6792,593200027930234,385
1501 May 20201593,1678,31713,8221,3782,593200027926430,179

Cashbacks & Rewards – Redeemed​

wdt_IDMonthAmerican Express PointsCashkaroCREDAll other Credit CardsFlipkart Supercoins & VouchersOther points programsQuickridePaytm CashbacksAmazon Pay Card+CashbacksPlay RewardsTotal
101 Feb 20219,00002013,01200002,188014,401
301 Jan 2021001253,4610002293404,542
801 Dec 202004,21084668002,72400101,055017,265
901 Nov 20207,00007766,8471,480287020693017,103
1001 Oct 2020001331,05050000601,333603,136
1101 Sep 2020001402,112100000375702,797
1201 Aug 2020001701,2432000001,28402,897
1301 Jul 202000851,28910000092902,403
1401 Jun 20200011065855900052901,856
1501 May 202000991,8810001145702,448

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