Thanks! You are on FIRE?

Thank you!!!?

I am humbled that you are interested. I promise to keep you informed on my monthly investment updates, latest incomes and earnings, deals I find and alternate investment ideas.

As I said before, life is too short! You should set financial goals and have a steady stream of Passive Income, like I do. I currently make about Rs.24,000 as passive income every month! This is over and above my monthly salary. Let’s learn from each other, share best practices and Retire Early together! ?

One tiny favor ?

The more, the merrier. We should have a community of people who think like you and me, on saving, earning passive income, financial independence and early retirement.

With more people comes more encouragement, interaction, ideas, best practices and deals! Please be a brand ambassador for Little Saves ? ! Spread the word and help make more Indians financially aware & free!

I am on FIRE! I’m getting Financially independent and retiring early. Join me and @Little_Saves on #LittleSaves #PassiveIncome #5-to-5-in-12

BTW, if you wanna get Social, here is my list ?

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