That is the age I am going to retire in. I am 29 now, I have a plan to save Rs.5 Crores and retire successfully.

But Little Saves is not about that. The current generation are provably poor at managing Personal Finances. Little Saves will show you powerful ideas, tips and tricks to improve your Finances. You will: 

  1. Discover best ways to Save Money
  2. Find ways to earn money on the side
  3. Learn about Financial Independence & Retire Early (FIRE)

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My FIRE Journey

My Investment Scorecard

As of August’2020:

Final GoalRs.5 Crores
Total InvestedRs. 16,42,257
Current ValueRs. 19,50,147
Goal Achieved3.90%
Passive Income in Aug’20Rs.38,202
Time left134 of 144

Dec’20 FIRE investment and Portfolio updates. Good start!

A great finish to 2020! Here is my portfolio update for the year 2020. Overall a great 1st year on FIRE and my financial fitness.

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