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Day 254 on FIRE:Work Life balance in search of Financial Independence

It is important to maintain a healthy work life balance to avoid burnout chasing FIRE goals. Learn to balance Time for yourself & family when chasing money

Saving money with Geo-arbitrage and how to leverage it in FIRE (S1E8)

There are some great strategies to save money on the FIRE journey. Geo Arbitrage is a great method to save money and for retirement. Here is how it works

Where and How to invest 1000 Rupees – Investing for Beginners

You are a beginner and wish to start investing a small amount. Here are the best ways to invest Rs.1000 and kick start your financial journey

My FIRE Journey

June’20 – FIRE Progress Update – Investments bouncing back

Here's my FIRE update for July'20. Crypto currencies and NPS savings are new to my portfolio.Investments in stocks and Funds have returned to green!

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