Make Extra Money By Selling Your Internet: Honeygain App Review

Would you like to make money in your sleep? Who wouldn’t right? Honeygain is the app that allows you to sell excess internet you have for a price. Here is my detailed review of the Honeygain app, answering questions on How Honeygain works, how to make money from selling internet on Honeygain and most importantly is Honeygain legit or a scam. As for the last one, Honeygain is definitely legit (see the proof of payments I received below).

I used the app thoroughly for 6 months, made sure they paid promptly before posting this review.

Selling internet to make money

Before getting into what Honeygain does, let me first explain this concept of selling internet to make money. Why people would do it and why company pays you for it.

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What do companies do with your internet?

Have you heard of CDNs or Cloud Delivery Networks? In simple terms, CDN is a networking concept that allows for an app or a website to be hosted at multiple locations. Generally, say a website is hosted in a server in USA, then users from India will need more time to access the website. On the other hand, CDN will allow for the same version of the website to be stored in multiple locations. So in Little Saves case, we use CDN. Users from USA will be able to access from a server in US and users from India will be able to access it from a server in Mumbai.

Here is how Honeygain works using this concept. Instead of one server hosted at a central location, Honey gain harnesses the power of multiple mobiles and computers from users like you an me. The mobiles provide bandwidth, while computers provide the computational power for their CDN to work. When all of our devices are pooled together, Honeygain is able to create a CDN which is a lot more powerful and cheaper than running a server.

How to make money with Honeygain?

Make Extra Money By Selling Your Internet: Honeygain App Review

This brings the question of how you can make money with Honeygain?

It is quite straightforward, you install the Honeygain App on your mobile or computer. Once done, you enable the options to share internet. Once done, the app does everything else. Just leave the app running in the background. The app will automatically connect you with a CDN cloud and you get paid for any amount of internet used.

In the detailed review below, I cover all the basics of getting started and how to earn money by selling internet with Honey gain app.

How much money can you earn with Honeygain?

Make Extra Money By Selling Your Internet: Honeygain App Review

Let’s look at the amount of cash you can get with Honey gain app before the review.

This totally depends on the following 4 things:

  • Which location you are based out of. Someone in Europe will make more money than someone in India as server costs are higher in Europe
  • How many Laptops/PCs and mobiles you have installed it on
  • How many different IPs you have that can have machines running
  • How fast your internet and computers are. The processing power does matter

I have been using Honeygain on 2 mobiles (running full time) and 1 laptop (not running full time, it runs for about 10 hours a day) for the past 6 months. I constantly make about $0.1 to $0.2 per day. In India that is about Rs.7.5 to Rs.15 per day. This in total costs me about 50 GB of internet a month. Which is nothing compared to the 1000 GB my Internet Service provider gives me for Rs.949 a month. So if you do that math, I pay Rs.949 for internet and I get back about Rs.225 for selling a small amount of internet that usually goes for waste, on Honey gain app. This is an absolute deal!

How to use Honeygain App

Make Extra Money By Selling Your Internet: Honeygain App Review

Put some popcorn in the oven. Before the pop corn is ready, you would have set up. That is how easy this is to set up and make some passive income from extra internet data.

First get the Honeygain App and sign in. (<- Signup using my promo code link to get $5 (Rs.380) as soon as you login for the first time)

Enable Internet sharing on the settings

Log in once in a while to see how much money you made. And once you made enough, click on Payout to get the money.

Earning more and increasing income

Honeygain is a great example of a passive income source that provides a steady income stream. You can optimize it to earn anywhere between $3 a month to $20 a month or even more. Here are the tips and tricks to get the max out of this.

Content Delivery feature

Make Extra Money By Selling Your Internet: Honeygain App Review

As I mentioned, the main use of Honeygain to companies is it’s content delivery network. Laptops and computers are the only ones capable of providing this facility. So the more laptops and desktops you have running Honeygain app, the more money you stand to make. You get $0.01 per hour. So if you have 1 Laptop or desktop running 24 hours a day, you will be making $0.24 (Rs.18/day about Rs.550/month). Ensure you have the “Enable Content Delivery” turned on to earn from this.

Mobiles and Internet sharing

This does not pay as much as Content delivery, however I am at the moment still able to make about $0.05 per day from this stream. For this, all you need to do is enable internet sharing on your Honeygain app on phone and laptop or desktop. The payout is about $0.01 per GB and it varies by location and country.

Multiple IPs

You would earn a lot more with different IPs. Eg: On your mobile or tablet, you can use Honeygain on your SIM internet. Office systems can be used on Office internet and home on home internet. There is a limit of just 3 devices per IP. So you will not earn more by adding any more devices to one internet connection

Things to keep in mind:

  • You can have only 3 devices per Internet or IP address.
  • DO NOT USE VPN or any kind of IP masking. Honeygain monitors fraudulent usage strictly and I know a number of users who get banned for using VPN to have more devices or earn a higher amount. This will get you banned in a couple of hours and you loose all your earnings
  • Try to use more laptops and desktops continuously. They earn the most.
  • Have a stable network connection and keep the app on always to earn the most

Finally, is Honeygain Legit? Or is Honeygain a Scam?

Honeygain is legit. After having used it for the past 6 months, I have already earned $20 and I am a few dollars short of getting another Paypal payment of $20!

So far, I have not had any issues with Honeygain. The app works like a charm and my payment from them was prompt.

How does Honeygain payout?

Make Extra Money By Selling Your Internet: Honeygain App Review

Minimum payment

Minimum payment is $20. So once you have accumulated $20, you can raise a request from the app’s dashboard to get your money.

Payment mode

Honey gain uses a service called Tipalti to process payments. So once you have reached $20, you can request for a payment. A link will be sent to your registered email address to register with Tipalti. This is a simple process where your Paypal email address is collected.

Once you have earned the 1st payment, the next time you need not go through this process, payments are automatically sent to you after this. 

Payment duration

The whole process took me about 2 working days from the time I reached $20 and requested for a payout.

Special Offer

Being a reader of Little Saves has it’s perks. Not only do you get verified ways to make money, but you get special offers too!

Sign up with our referral link below and get $5 in your Honeygain Wallet as soon as you log in for the first time. So your first 5 bucks is on us!!!

Other questions

Is Honeygain available for iOS?

No at the moment, the Honeygain app is only available for Android mobiles and Windows platform. The team is building a Apple iOS version that will be released in a couple of months

Have you got paid for using Honeygain?

Yes, I have got paid for using Honeygain app. I have been using it for over 6 months, refer to screenshots attached for proof of payment

Honeygain App Review

Abhi from

Ease of use
Value for money
Potential for Earning/Saving money


This is one of the truest forms of passive income generating apps out there. You need 5 minutes to set up and a few minutes a month to monitor how much you earned! Go for it!


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