Tools & Calculators

A calculator to calculate the monthly installment EMI for a personal loan in India. The tool tells you how much EMI per month needs to be paid and interest

Calculate car and bike loan emi in Indian rupees (INR). The calculator allows shows you how long it takes to clear auto loan and how much interest you pay

Use this simple crypto currency converter to find the exchange value of one cryptocurrency to another. BTC, ETH, BCH and 5000+ currencies are supported

Here is a chart showing the value of Bitcoins over time in INR and also the current bitcoin prices in Indian Rupees. You can also compare BTC with Ethereum

Track the prices of top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum in Indian Rupees (INR). See price movements and value in INR per coin

Calculate the value of your crypto currency investment in rupees using this simple bitcoin calculator. Over 5000 Crypto currencies are supported.

The compound interest calculator helps you calculate recurring interest you receive on a fixed investment in India over a period of time in Indian Rupees.

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