Crypto currency converter

How to use the Cryptocurrency converter

This nifty tool allows you to convert and find the value of one crypto currency versus another cryptocurrency as of today’s market value. To use it:

  1. Select the Buy currency – This is the currency you wish to exchange
  2. Select the Sell currency – This is the currency that you wish to get
  3. Enter the number of coins you wish to exchange of the Sell currency
  4. The calculator will tell you, as of today’s price, how much you get of the Sell currency in exchange for the quantity you selected for the Sell currency

How many crypto currencies are supported using this tool

There are currently over 7000 cryptocurrencies that are publicly traded across the globe in 300+ exhanges. Our tool is comprehensive and supports over 5000 of these crypto currencies. All popular currencies such as Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) etc are supported.

Other Bitcoin and Crypto currency tools

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Other questions on the bitcoin calculator

How can I buy a crypto currency or Bitcoin in India?

If you wish to buy Bitcoins and other crypto currencies in India, you can register with any platform such as WazirX or Coinmama.

Is it legal to buy or own Bitcoins in India

Yes, it is now legal. Supreme court of India in its ruling in early 2020 made it possible for Indians to buy/posess Bitcoins. Till then it was deemed illegal.

Why does the value of a crypto currency fluctuate?

Value of a cryptocurrency is determined by it’s supply. As such, with day-to-day trade and imbalance in supply and demand, the value of crypto currency too will increase or decrease drastically. Another reason is it’s perceived value to fiat currencies.

How many crypto currencies are there?

There are over 7000 currencies spread across 300 exchanges in the world. Our tool supports over 5000 of the publicly available crypto currencies

Crypto currency converter - Value of one crypto currency to another

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