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example of how taking home loan can be good

A Marwadi’s example of how taking a Home Loan can be good

There is a stigma that taking loans is bad. Here's an example from a Marwadi friend on how to capitalize loans and how home loan can be good
Alternate investments to generate passive income in December'19

My Alternate Investments Update – December’19

I've had a steady flow of income from my alternate investments. Soon, my investment in a new venture will start paying. Here's my total income for Dec'19
Mutual fund investments and financial independence and retire early in india

A ‘Meh’ month for Funds – My Mutual Funds for December’19

Overall December'19 was an average month for my mutual fund investments. My current returns is ~Rs.2300, a return of 2.3% in 3 months and 9.4% annualized.

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