Not much has happened under this section in December’19. I did add Rs.1,00,000, but that is not really an investment, more a loan to a friend in need.

December’19 all alternate investments

Alternate investments generating Passive Income - December'19
Alternate investments generating Passive Income – December’19

The Rs.2,00,000 I had given out as loan continues to pay me Rs.2,500 per month. For the Rs.2,500 I earned in December’19, I invested that into a P2P Lending platform I came across. This has started giving me a return of 14%. Yes, I made Rs.31 in on month on this Rs.2,500 🤘

In installation – Sun exchange

The solar cells I bought on Sun exchange are still under installation. They will start generating electricity and in turn generate passive income for me from Feb’19. Can’t wait! Meanwhile, I have received a few requests from my readers on how to get started with this. I will put up a detailed post in this month. Not to mention, I am in talks with the great team to see if I can get you all a bonus or discount to get you started in this!

Loan to a friend in need of money

I withdrew Rs.1,00,000 from my mutual funds to help out a friend who had an emergency medical situation in his family. I have added that under alternate investment for tracking purposes alone. I will not be receiving any interest or returns on this (some karma perhaps 🙌 ). My friend did offer to pay an interest, but that didn’t feel right, so I declined.

My Alternate Investments as of December 2019:

TotalTotal InvestedOctober’19November’19December’19
Loan to Family Friend200000200000200000200000
Sun Exchange3400034003400
Loan to Friend10000000100000

All updates for the month of December’19:

My Alternate Investments Update - December'19

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