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how to invest small amount like 1000 rupees in India

Where and How to invest 1000 Rupees – Investing for Beginners

You are a beginner and wish to start investing a small amount. Here are the best ways to invest Rs.1000 and kick start your financial journey
Adding NPS National Pension Scheme and Crypto to my investment portfolio

Day 226 on FIRE: Adding Crypto and NPS to investment portfolio

I finally bought Bitcoins! 0.04 BTC to be pricise! I have also added NPS to my investment portfolio and got an awesome deal on a new Laptop from Amazon!
Pi Network Review: Mine crypto currency from your phone

Mine crypto on your Phone. Review of Pi App and Pi coins

Here's a new crypto currency you can mine from your phone. It is easy and even your grandma can do it. Read my review on the Pi coins and Pi Network
crypto currency converter - calculate value of one crypto currency to another

Crypto currency converter – Value of one crypto currency to another

Use this simple crypto currency converter to find the exchange value of one cryptocurrency to another. BTC, ETH, BCH and 5000+ currencies are supported
Price of Bitcoin in Indian Rupees

Bitcoin Price in Indian Rupees – How much does Bitcoin cost in INR

Here is a chart showing the value of Bitcoins over time in INR and also the current bitcoin prices in Indian Rupees. You can also compare BTC with Ethereum
Litecoin, LTC crypto currency prices in indian rupees INR

Crypto currency prices in Indian Rupees – Bitcoin, Ethereum and more

Track the prices of top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum in Indian Rupees (INR). See price movements and value in INR per coin
bitcoin, ethereum, BTH, BTC, ETH calculator to calculate value of investment in crypto currencies

Bitcoin Calculator – Crypto Currency Investment Value in Indian Rupees

Calculate the value of your crypto currency investment in rupees using this simple bitcoin calculator. Over 5000 Crypto currencies are supported.
Investing in a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP)

HIYPs – Should Indians invest in High Yield Investment Programs?

Does it make sense for Indians to invest in High Yield Investment Program (HYIP)? Read about my experience with such programs and how much I got back

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