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Home and property Loan EMI Calculator

Use this simple calculator to calculate how much EMI and Interest you will need to pay in Indian Rupees (INR) for any mortgage, property or house loan you have taken or planning to take.

Price of Real Estate

Enter the total value of the home or property you plan to buy, along with other charges such as tax, cess, stamp duty etc.

Down Payment percent

Enter the % of property value and other fees that you will be paying as Downpayment

Loan Amount

This is the total loan amount you are planning to take as loan for the house or property. This should be equal to (property value minus down payment)

Number of months

This is how long you plan to take the loan in months. Eg: 120 months = 10 years and 300 months = 25 years.

Annual Interest rate

This is the interest rate you are going to be paying for the loan

How to use the Home Loan EMI and mortgage calculator

Once you have entered all the above fields, click on the blue button “Calc”. This will calculate your house loan details in Indian Rupees (INR). Once this is calculated, you will be able to see the total Payment amount, this is the monthly EMI you need to pay back for the loan you have taken.

You will also be able to see the total interest for this mortgage loan. The last field is the overall money you need to payback (Principal + Interest).

Other features in the Home loan EMI calculator

  • Payment Schedule: This will show the monthly EMI breakup along with how much of the EMI goes towards Principal and how much of it is for the interest throughout the loan tenure.
  • Print: This feature allows you to take a print of the details for easier reference
  • Charts: This gives you a visual representation of your loan, how much interest and principal needs to be paid and other interesting details
  • Home Insurance: The calculator allows you to factor in the Insurance (if your lender makes Insurance mandatory to get the loan).
  • Property Tax: If you want you can also factor in the property tax that needs to be paid for the property to get a full picture of how much buying the house will cost you per year.
How much is the rate of interest for Home loan in India?

Home loan interest rates varies between 7.5% pa to 12% pa. Reputed banks such as SBI offer 8-11%pa. Where as third party lenders such as Indiabulls, DHFL, Bajaj Finance, LIC offer between 8% to 12% per annum.

How much home loan am I eligible for?

This depends on value of the property, how much down payment you make, how much you earn, how much are your expenses, other loans you already are paying and your credit history.

Why is credit history important for a personal loan?

Credit history from agencies such as CIBIL show how much you have as outstanding debt, your repayment history and tell the lender how likely you are to pay back the loan you are taking

Who are the 3rd party home loan providers in India?

DHFL, Bajaj Housing Finance, Dewan Housing Finance (DHFL), India Bulls, LIC Housing are some of the largest housing/home loan and mortgage providers in India

Home Loan EMI Calculator - monthly installments in Indian Rupees (INR)

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