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Why Aggressive Stock Investments? In order to meet my 5-to-5-in-12 challenge, I need to keep up a monthly run rate of 1% or more returns per month on my investments (that is about 12% per annum). Fixed Deposits pay out 6.5% interests. I will reach my 5-to-5-in-12 challenge goals when I am 60, not 40.

Some amount of risk has to be taken. My portfolio will be detailed in this section with month on month progress updates. Note that, I will be balancing my portfolio to ensure that my downside is covered and losses are stemmed swiftly.

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Oct'19 Stock investments Update

October’19 – Stock Market Investments

I started with a total of RS.1,50,000 in the stock markets. Here is how I have spread the money across stocks to ensure I get great returns