Small and mid-cap companies continue to take a beating this month as well. At it’s peak I was down by over Rs.25,000 of my Rs.1,50,000 total investment! Now you know why you should never put all your eggs in the stocks basket!

Here is the summary of my stock investments as of Jan’20

Stock Investment Updates Jan'20 - The Bloodbath continues

January’20 Stock Market Investments Updates

A lot went on in the month of December’19. Economy is still in a downfall. Large caps are going on increasing, while small and mid caps are taking a beating. My portfolio is heavily focused on small and mid cap.

Swing trades

No major swing trades as such for this month. I managed to make a few hundred rupees buy selling Ashok Leyland and then seeing it drop down, buy it back. Later I sold it again, making Rs.1,000 in Ashok Leyland overall. Not bad for 2 months right?

Adieu Suzlon

Finally got rid of Suzlon at a good price. I bought it for a total of Rs.2,000. Sold it for Rs.3,000. Pretty much luck I would say 😉

New Positions

I’m further consolidating and trying to accumulate a bunch of good mid-term, dividend paying stocks at a good price. ONGC, WELENT, YESBANK and IOC are all at prices significantly lower than their book values.

Budget updates coming soon…

I am as eager as you are to hear what Ms. Sitaraman has to offer the middle-class aam aadmi in terms of taxes. It is noteworthy that the current slab has barely changed from 1996 to now. A lot of expectations are riding on a decrease in tax rates to stimulate the economy by putting more money in the hands of the salaried class. Not to mention, the tax market could take a really bad hit if the Budget announcements this time is bad or even mediocre.

Yes Bank, No Investors still no investors

I frankly think Yes Bank should start writing tele-serial scripts for Ekta Kapoor. That would provide really good side income for them! Seriously, that much of drama has been going on with them in the past few months. Latest is when the independent auditor quits saying the CEO is misleading the board as well as the public about investors. I can’t wait for the bank to snap out of this mess.

On the other hand, they have been selling off a lot of shares related to bad debt from the likes of SICAL, Reliance Capital, Reliance Power etc. This is for sure going to mean a big write-off coming in this quarter.

My Stock Investments as of 31st January’20

Stock Investment Updates Jan'20 - The Bloodbath continues

NSE India for current value of stocks

My Profit and Loss ledger from November’19

Stock Investment Updates Jan'20 - The Bloodbath continues

All updates for the month of December’19:

Stock Investment Updates Jan'20 - The Bloodbath continues

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