Aggressive Stock Investments

Why Aggressive Stock Investments? In order to meet my 5-to-5-in-12 challenge, I need to keep up a monthly run rate of 1% or more returns per month on my investments (that is about 12% per annum). Fixed Deposits pay out 6.5% interests. I will reach my 5-to-5-in-12 challenge goals when I am 60, not 40.

Some amount of risk has to be taken. My portfolio will be detailed in this section with month on month progress updates. Note that, I will be balancing my portfolio to ensure that my downside is covered and losses are stemmed swiftly.

Investing is all about patience, so the more you keep buying or selling the less you stand to make. here is a look into the dangers of trading frequently and ...

Here's a look in to Indian penny stock market and views on buying penny stocks,investing in them with a long term perspective,evaluating risk and rewards

My monthly investment updates towards financial independence and retire early for the month of March'2020. I have saved 2.77% of Rs.5 Crore goal so far

At the peak of January, my stocks were down by over Rs.25,000. I managed to sell two stock holdings for 10% profits. Here is the update on my stocks

I started with a total of RS.1,50,000 in the stock markets. Here is how I have spread the money across stocks to ensure I get great returns

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