Four Ideas for Buying a Wedding Gift on a Budget

Here are four elegant ideas on how to go about buying a wedding gift on a budget and still end up impressing the bride and groom.
Ideas for budget wedding gifts

The pressure of finding the perfect gift for a friend who’s getting married can make anyone feel overwhelmed quickly. Wedding experts say that the average gift should be around $100 with the caveat that it’s more important your gift fits your budget than how much it costs.

If you’re on a limited income due to prioritising paying off debt or low income, then spending any amount on a wedding gift can feel incredibly stressful. Luckily, there are still ways to show you care without going further into debt. Here are four popular ideas budget-conscious wedding attendees use to celebrate their friends’ special day.

Stick to the wedding registry if there is one

Couples will typically create a wedding registry that has the things they need in a range of prices. Instead of worrying about how you’ll create the perfect gift on your own, head to the registry and find the gifts within your budget. Don’t feel bad if your gift is the cheapest on the list; they put it there because they need it!

Consider a donation to their favorite charities

If your loved ones are passionate about any cause, consider donating to a relevant charity in their name. Not only will you be seen as thoughtful, but you’ll help contribute to the things that matter to them the most.

If you’re unsure which charities they might support, consider the things that bring them joy. If they’re pet lovers, they might appreciate a donation to their local animal rescue. Couples involved in politics would always be happy with contributions to the topics they’re most concerned with, such as civil liberties, education, local community development, or the party to which they’re registered.

Give something that represents your relationship with the couple

If you’re coming up short with ideas for what to give the newlyweds, think about what originally brought you and your friend together. Is there a shared hobby that you enjoy doing? Whether it’s disc golf, gardening, wine tasting, or something else, there are always small, thoughtful gifts you can give that show how much you care without blowing your budget.

Offer your time or services in place of a material gift

If you have a skill set that could help the couple lower their wedding budget, consider gifting your services for their special day. Couples will typically need professionals skilled at photography, DJing, wedding planning, floral design, cuisine, tailoring, hair and makeup, etc. Not only will you be able to help make their wedding day perfect, but you’ll also be a top contender for “Best Gift” without needing to spend a dime. 

The bottom line

In conclusion, remembering the person you’re buying a gift for is far more important than how much you spend. When you have a limited budget, it’s easy to get wrapped up in appearances or worries about how your relationship reflects the amount of money you paid. Remember that the point is not to spend money but to show you care about their special day and union.

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