Smart ways to save

If you are looking at getting financial independence or even retiring early, then you need to learn the smart ways to save. Income need not come only from your salary or other sources. Money saved becomes money earned and it even has a better feeling!

Here you will find all discussions and articles on the multiple ways one can save smartly in India through cashbacks, deals, discounts, sales, loyalty points, reward points and air miles.

Here are four elegant ideas on how to go about buying a wedding gift on a budget and still end up impressing the bride and groom.

Here is a master list of cheap hobbies. This list of cheap hobby ideas can keep you occupied and does not hurt your wallet.

This is the best time for you to learn the art of hypermiling and improve mileage to save fuel as fuel prices go through the roof.

2021 will be a digital payment era. With many digital mobile wallets, we have reviewed the best payment apps in India in 2021 for you.

Wouldn't it be awesome if your better half is as frugal as you? Here's 10 things to keep in mind to spot a frugal spouse or sweetheart

Spending less and saving more is key to financial freedom. It isn't easy, here's some benefits that motivate you to reduce expenses and increase earnings

Dogs are wonderful companions & children! Here's a lighter look at possible ways you can save money by getting a dog. Yes, dogs can help you save money!

Get a new car for free. Here is how I got my car for free and also am being paid to keep it! Crazy right? Read on to see how I did it!

Having a budget is very important to reach financial indepenednce or financial happiness. Here's more it's importance and what forms a good budget

Start saving right now with these 7 easy steps that will increase the value of your money and make make your hard earned money work harder for you

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