Driver Salary Slip format – pay slip example template

Here is a sample template for a driver salary slip if you are paying your driver and wish to take signature for tax and record purposes.
driver salary slip format

Updated as of 2021

Being an employer of any service makes you accountable for all sorts of paperwork that needs to be done for your employees whether it is a blue-collar or white-collar job. Using a good driver salary slip format will save a lot of headache later on for the employer.

It is important to have a well-planned salary format beforehand when recruiting any employee for the future. Salary slip help in keeping a track record of the expenses and monitor the monthly wages. Payslip will also help the employee to choose smartly while switching jobs in different companies and compare the salary offers. In that way, a person can negotiate and can make a wise choice of financial earning.

It also helps the employee to stay aware of various components that are included in their salary.

Let’s look at some simple examples of driver salary slip format for drivers to whom you are paying monthly salary.

PDF version of a Driver Pay/Salary slip format

Here is an example of a PDF format of a salary slip. It will be helpful if you are planning to take a print out of it and simply get your driver to sign it.

Editable Word (docx) version of Driver salary/Payslip template/format

Here is an editable word version of the driver salary slip which you can use this editable version if you wish to make any edits, or even pre-fill the vehicle, driver name, month, salary amount, etc. Finally, take a printout to get the driver and your signatures.

How to make a monthly salary slip?

Having a monthly salary slip will be beneficial to the employer as well as the employee to keep track on the financial expenditure. Here are the few important components  necessary to make a monthly salary slip:


The monthly agreed salary that was mentioned before joining has to be mentioned by the employer. It will also include the driver’s name and payment month and date along with the acknowledgment of the employer who is making the payment.


There has to be a signature of both the employee as well as the employer. It is the compulsory part of any proof document. It can be both digitally scanned or handwritten. This gives authenticity to the payment made.


Though it is not compulsory, unauthorized leaves might result in deduction of money from salary which needs to be mentioned in the salary slip. It will help the employer to make sure there is no discrepancy from each side.

What is the use of giving a salary slip for a driver?

In India, most of the employees are just focused on getting their money into their pockets. They ignore the importance of having a salary slip. But it is still wise to provide a salary slip for various reasons:

Record purposes

This is a professional record-keeping method. Later on, there will be no question of I got lesser money than agreed, or I did not get my wages for two months, etc. You will be able to refer to the receipts to show how much was paid as salary for which month quite easily.

Tax Purposes or Salary reimbursement

It becomes the basis of Income-tax calculation. If you are part of a company reimbursing you for the salary paid to the driver then this is your proof of making this payment. Also if you are claiming tax deductions on paying for the driver, then these receipts are important.

Access to various facilities

Having a salary slip gives your driver access to various free or subsidized facilities provided by the government such as healthcare, medical aid, subsidized food grains, etc. It acts as proof of employment which makes it easier for them to avail all the facilities.

Acts as an assurance

Salary slip assures the lender that their lending will be repaid. It builts the trust in the lender as it is an important document to avail loans, credit, mortgage, and other borrowings.

Negotiate for hike

Having a salary slip will act as proof of employment so, when a driver will switch from one job to another or in the same job, it will help him to negotiate a salary hike with his employer. This is useful for both the employee and the employer as it acts as a piece of evidence.

Useful to the driver

This document can be very useful to the driver in a number of ways. If they are applying for a loan, or for a part-time course, etc. Plus it gives them a feeling of satisfaction to be getting a receipt of some kind for the good work they have done.

Is it mandatory to provide a salary slip to a driver?

In India, it is not mandatory to provide a salary slip to a driver if he is in your personal employment. If he is part of your company and on your company’s payroll, then it is mandatory to give him a payslip.

How much salary to pay a driver?

This depends on cities, tenure of driver and the number of hours/days you need to them for. A full time driver in India can earn anywhere between Rs.6000 to Rs.30,000.

Is it useful for a driver to have a salary slip?

Yes, it is very much useful for a driver or anyone to have a salary slip as it acts as proof of earning and will also help in getting other services like medical aid, loans, etc.

How can I print my salary slip?

You can download a payslip template of your choice in PDF format. Then click on PRINT option to open the payslip in another tab. Now print or save the payslip.

How much salary to pay a driver?

This depends on the countries or cities that you live in. With OLA, Uber and Meru drivers can earn up to70-80k per month depending on the demand surge. While personal drivers’ salary may vary but typically in India an average cab driver earns near about 8k to 30k per month.

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