Ways you can Save Money By Getting a Dog and Other Benefits

Dogs are wonderful companions & children! Here's a lighter look at possible ways you can save money by getting a dog. Yes, dogs can help you save money!
Ways to save money with a dog

Today we look at one of the lighter side of money and explore, if it is possible to “Save money by getting a dog”.

No, really. You may be saying to yourself, “Well, a dog is expensive! The adoption fees, vaccination, the food costs, grooming, boarding, etc.”

Forget that.

Dogs are actually here to help us live a very frugal lifestyle!

How to save money by getting a dog

1. Goodbye alarm clock

Every. damn. morning.

Sick of paying for an alarm clock that will just break or need new batteries in a couple months anyways? Get a dog, allow him/her to sleep in your bed or in your bedroom, and let them be your wake up call. Without fail, I guarantee, your dog will be crawling all over you come morning walk or feeding time. Of course, you should be okay with the routine wake up calls at 7am by incessant licking on your face.

Who needs an alarm clock when you have that consistency 7 days a week?

2. Throw away your broom, mop, wet jet, etc.

Cleaning time is the BEST! A canine’s anticipation is just off the charts.

Dogs, believe that cleanliness is next to godliness. And like the best butlers on Downton Abbey, she has high expectations for her humans in maintaining her pristine environment.

But when a little sweeping and vacuuming wont do, dogs know that they must take matters into their own hands. No crumb will be spared. No dust bunny will go un-licked. No small insect will find a home.

Again, who needs a judgmental maid service when you have an all but eager dog to pick up the pieces of your life. Bonus points: You will not loose stuff any more. If you leave your underwear, shoes, or socks out, your dog will most likely find it before you do.

However, you should beware given that dogs find several common foods poisonous. Don’t let them pick up after your chocolate binge or that ‘leftover from last night’s dinner.

3. Gym memberships are a waste. 

To get the most out of your money saving dog, find one that doesn’t just want to lay in the sun all day.

This most likely applies to younger, more agile dogs… but many a people get free personal training via their dog. And man, does it look rough!

Just yesterday, I watched a poor woman run a 500 meter dash in record time with her dog leading the way. The whole time, she panted and insisted they go back. The dog, however, wanted her to push harder and be stronger ?

Dogs are cruel mistresses of the workout world. You don’t take them out enough and they’ll sit there and bark, whine, or beg (or worse, destroy your home) until they are satisfied. Not just adult dogs, there are some fit pups that will whip your ass into shape.

4. Therapy? More like dogaphy.

The Dogtor will see you now.

Feel free to have a couch or bed sessions with your dog. Watch as she sits patiently as you recount about your horrible day or complain about your spouse. She will lend a patient listening ear and never judge you. Bring up issues from your past without judgement or a disapproving look.

And typically, a dog’s treatment is pretty effective– get out of bed/couch, get her a snack, hug her tight, and move on. Sometimes, she suggests extra snuggles, but it still comes after snack time. Her wisdom knows no bounds.

So why to pay extorbitant amount to a shrink a week when you have the best damn therapist right at home?

5. Best damn babysitter in town

Kids and dogs are just so damn cute and gel so well. Your dog can easily become a babysitter and companion to your child. Studies also show that kids who grew up with a dog at home have better attitude and immunity.

Watch Netflix or get work done while your kid and the dog have fun and maybe bring down the house!

Do you own a dog? How does he/she help you save money?

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