I’ve made 3% of my Rs.5 Crores goal! 97% to go -Apr’20 FIRE Update

Another month spent at home and another month of the economy getting flushed down the drain. Factories and businesses are being allowed to operate, but at a much less than optimal capacity. Banks are seeing sharp increases in NPA, and they expect this to go up even higher. Earnings for the rest of the year is going to be muted as well. It took a bit over a year for the markets to bounce back during the 2008 financial crisis.

But one comforting knowledge is, the last time during the financial crisis, people did not have the money to spend hence revival of the economy was difficult and took longer. This time, people do have money (most do), but are not allowed to go out to spend. So it is not entirely on how quickly a cure can be found, mass produced and deployed across the globe!

Sensex chart with 2008 recession and 2020 recession
Sensex’s reaction to 2008 Financial crisis and now to the current COVID-19 crisis in 2020

April’20 In a nutshell:

My FIRE Journey - April 2020 Investment updates
  • I have a total of Rs.15 Lakhs as savings. My target for this month was Rs.12.14 lakhs, so I am doing pretty well meeting this target
  • Mutual Funds and stocks are not doing well, but has recovered a lot from last month
  • I have added a total of Rs.1,15,000 from my bonus and some windfalls to my total investments.
  • The Franklin liquidity funds I was holding on to has been sold. Money from it has been added to buying Goldbees
  • I have increased my gold holdings, now about 6.6% of my portfolio is in Gold

My Overall Investments and Progress as of April’20

Final GoalRs.5 Crores
Total InvestedRs. 13,97,945
Current ValueRs. 14,96,423
Goal Achieved2.99%
Passive Income in Apr’20Rs.16,858
Time left138 of 144

Have you seen what is new on Little Saves in April’20

I have been very active in April’20. Here is what I have achieved

Podcast on Personal Finance

I have also started a podcast (coz speaking is much better), I am hoping to update and put up new episodes every two weeks. I shall continue with this for 2-3 months, based on how well it is received then take a call if I should continue the podcast or not.

Personal Updates

I realized that I am not really talking about myself that much. So I have made a commitment to share a bi-weekly personal updates on what is going on in my life, my family, personal learning and best practices. Here is the first one I wrote on Day 180 of my FIRE Journey.

Articles on FIRE and Personal Finance

A couple of articles around saving money, offers and reducing Debt.

Value of Investments and breakdown as of Apr’2020

CategoryTotal Invested2019Jan’20Feb’20Mar’20Apr’20RoI%
Stock Market Investments410,000145364.95132,894132,894225,920368,031-10.24%
Mutual Funds Investments178,23493,430115,004111,69385,407170,615-4.27%
Alternate Investments711,280903400940,275980,106984,388837,05015.00%
P2P Lending Investments98,4312,77726,38326,61844,74393,056-5.46%
Cashbacks, Rewards and Points041133.9935,68735,98738,84327,671
Cashbacks&Points Redeemed098156945311437181813688

Passive Income earned in April’2020

Passive Income EarnedTotal Invested2019 TotalJanuary’20Feb’20Mar’20Apr’202020 – Total Passive Income
Alternate Investments20000030000250025003150250010650
P2P Lending Investments272314747235365669.771316.77
Cashbacks& Rewards Redeemed098155.789453.35114371818.111368836396.46

Stock Market Investments Update for March 2020

I took two noteworthy actions in April’20

  1. Tax loss harvesting: I sold some stocks I was holding and much later in the month picked up similar/same stocks at a somewhat lower price
  2. I have expanded my portfolio a bit to take on LIC, MAGMA, UJJIVAN, IOC, BEL and TATAMOTORS
  3. I have picked up near a lakh in Goldbees
SymbolBuy PriceCurrent ValueUnrealized P&LP/L
CASH IN HAND208502085000.0%

Mutual Fund Investment Updates for Apr 2020

You are probably aware of the 6 funds from Franklin that are being closed. I managed to sell them a week before the closure putting that money into gold.

My funds are bouncing back to their purchase price quite well. I am hoping to invest a bit more into mutual funds at these levels.

TotalTotal InvestedValue Dec’19January’20Feb’20Mar’20Apr’20
SBI Focused Equity Fund433403100033568330622556940086
Axis Midcap Fund566643396942427417773343955209
Nippon India Small Cap99008095107541014770938154
L&T Midcap Fund20000616786008258607019937
HDFC Small Cap Fund30000586982247651531629503
L&T India Value Fund833051867009654547017474
DSP Midcap Fund10000314444224253321910252

Alternate Investments Update Apr’20

I have still not been able to buy any bitcoins! 🙁 Everytime I go to buy, I get cold feet and skip. I wanted to buy it when BTC was at $7000 levels, now it is currently at $8800. Bloody thing is quite getting on my nerves!

All other alternate investments remain the same. Sun exchange investment is showing a little return. They have been impacted due to the lockdown as new plants are not being set up. But, I received an update last week that things are getting back to normalcy. I am hoping to increase my portfolio of solar cells to Rs.1 Lakh gradually.

TotalTotal InvestedDecember’19January’20Feb’20Mar’20Apr’20
Loan to Family Friend @ 15% pa200000200000200000200000200000200000
Sun Exchange3140034003400321003275032750
Loan to Friend100000100000100000100000100000100000
Investment/Insurance Funds300000300000300000300000300000300000
Loan Taken @ 7% pa-100000-100000-100000-100000-100000-100000
Liquid Fund (for Emergency) @7% pa0124411687517006171380
Cash (for Emergency) @4% pa430000035004300

P2P Lending Updates for Apr-2020

My investments in P2P has taken up a notch with an additional Rs.50,000. There are some troubles on this front due to several of the countries where I have lent money such as Kazakhstan and Poland etc. Since the Governments have implemented a morartium on paying back loans, 60% of my loans are impacted and I have not got the interest payments on them.

P2P lendingTotal InvestedDecember’19January’20Feb’20Mar’20Apr’20

Rewards and Cashbacks balance in the month of April’20

Cashbacks, Rewards and Points – Redeemed

  • I reached 24K in my American Express Gold collection. So I cashed in and got Rs.9000 this month.
  • Due to the COVID situation not much rewards or earnings in April
Cashbacks & Points RedeemedTotal InvestedDecember’19January’20Feb’20Mar’20Apr’20
American Express Points0100000009000
All other Credit Cards00407830619191
Flipkart Supercoins & Vouchers0100001300279400
Other points programs05000000
Paytm Cashbacks0221316.445118.1131
Amazon Pay Card+Cashbacks026,938970812727571
Play Rewards0600000

Cashbacks, Loyalty Points and rewards – Balance

  • I paid off a couple of Insurance premiums for my family members using my credit cards, so some increase in points from CRED and the cards 🙂
  • Nothing much here, all quite till Corona dies down.
Cashbacks & Points BalanceTotal InvestedDecember’19January’20Feb’20Mar’20Apr’20
American Express Points06491.527161.848357.168140159.1
Flipkart Supercoins & Vouchers027642860180819201122
Hotels & Stay points025932593259325932593
Other points programs0700200200200200
IOC Rewards0207.9224.7249276276
Play Rewards0125.97146.18221233.66256
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Abhi is a 29 yr old Indian, on FIRE to retire by 40. He has been investing and learning Finance for the past 12 years. After completing Mechanical engineering, he started working in a multi-national Bank and grew to become an AVP. Currently with an IT MNC as a VP. He lives in Bangalore with his wife and their 1 year old daughter. In his free time, Abhi loves to game on the Xbox, watch movies, read and blog.

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