The Growth and Cost of Internet in India

Internet in India

In today’s world of e-commerce and instant information, it is hard to picture a world without the internet. However, the internet is still in its infancy in India. The internet came to India in 1986, but it was only accessible to educators and researchers. In 1995, the internet was opened for public use. More than 718 million people were using the internet on a regular basis. The arrival of the internet was an instant revival for the Indian people. In 2018, more than 120 million Indians were making purchases online. E-commerce is expected to reach $120 billion by 2025.


The growth of the internet opened many doors for people. People use the internet for entertainment. The ease of following their favorite entertainers online, on Youtube, and on social media is evident. In the past, theaters had few releases. Going to a theater, concert, or show was a rare treat. People have access to multiple channels on their televisions. Movies are less expensive to purchase or view online. Technology has changed the way India seeks and supports entertainment.

Lotteries and casinos are popular for adults in India. In the past, if they wanted to access a casino, they had to travel to a town that had them. Placing bets on the lottery, another popular pastime in India, required going to a shop to purchase a ticket. Today, even international lottery’s companies like Lottoland are available online. Mobile apps make it easy to buy lottery tickets online and redeem winnings.


The Indian Government is fully invested in the growth of online education. In 2020, the Vice President called for a mass movement in digital literacy. This movement shows the Government’s dedication to India’s educational system, educators, and students. Technology is a significant part of the growth of the nation.

In many ways, technology has made it possible for national education for India in ways that were not possible before. Children in rural areas can join virtual classes. Children with learning disabilities can earn at their own pace and with special programs that make understanding easier. Audio and visual disabilities can be addressed and adapted thanks to technology. With many of the past hardships alleviated, it is expected that more children will remain in school until completion.

Price of Internet Service

Like everywhere else in the world, the price of internet service is based on the broadband package purchased from the provider. Generally, the internet in India is inexpensive in comparison to other countries. In all cases, the affordability of service is relative to the purchaser.

There are many internet providers in India. There are also many broadband speeds and price ranges. It would be difficult to list all of them in this article. Instead, we will list the few that continually show up on best listings.

Airtel Xstream Fiber

Airtel continually shows up as the top provider in India. They service more than 100 cities, and are growing rapidly. They feature unlimited data and the internet. To ensure speed and reliability, they have gone entirely to Fiber. The monthly cost of their plans is below. Please note plans and prices are subject to change.

  • Airtel Xstream Premium                     Rs 799
  • Airtel Xstream Entertainment             Rs 999
  • Airtel Xstream Ultra                            Rs 1499
  • Airtel Xstream VIP                              Rs 3999

Reliance JioFiber

Reliance is a recognized telecom brand worldwide and is a top provider in India. They offer quality service, high speeds, and a variety of packages. Their goal is to have a package anyone can afford.

  • Unlimited @ 100 Mbps                       Rs 699
  • Unlimited @ 30 Mbps                         Rs 399
  • Unlimited @ 300 Mbps                       Rs 1499
  • Unlimited @ 500 Mbps                       Rs 2499
  • Unlimited @ 1 Gbps                           Rs 3999
  • 6600 GB @ 1 Gbps                            Rs 8499


Excitel Broadband

Excitel bills itself as being the most affordable service available. They offer high-speed internet, with no installation fees. Their prices start at Rs 399. The costs of their plans are determined by the speed of the service you require, the number of months you wish to purchase, and if you are going to pay in advance. The speeds available are 100 Mbps, 200 Mbps, and 300 Mbps. They have packages that are billed monthly. Paying for service in a 3-month package (up to a 12-month package) is cheaper. Discounts are filtered in at different levels.


The internet is essential to the well-being and quality of life of the people of India. It is growing at record speeds in the region. The Government of India is fueling this growth. The rise of high-speed internet is educationally, and economically, the country’s future. As we move into 2022, the future looks bright. Watching technology bloom is a thrilling and fulfilling sight. The future is emerging with hope and the promise of massive growth for this great country.

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