In this year’s financial goal (yes I have one, you should make one too!), I have slotted an additional Rs.1,50,000 to be added under Alternate investments. Rs.1,00,000 the bulk of it will be added to the loan I have already with my family friend that is currently generating me 15% pa interest every month. The remaining to be put into alternate areas that I will have to identify.

January’20 all alternate investments

My Alternate Investments Update - January'20

The Rs.2,00,000 I had given out as loan continues to pay me Rs.2,500 per month. For this money, I earned Rs.2,500 in January’19🤘

In installation – Sun exchange

The solar cells I bought on Sun exchange are still under installation. They will start generating electricity and in turn generate passive income for me from Feb’19. Can’t wait! Meanwhile, I have received a few requests from my readers on how to get started with this. I haven’t been procrastinating on putting up my review of this great platform. I am actually waiting for my income to start getting generated and post that I will share the review with screenshots and all.

Caution and Paranoia

There is a lot of paranoia in the alternate investment space at the moment due to Kuetzal and a few other platforms going bust. Turns out they were possibly running scams. Please be cautious when investing your money anywhere. I am being cautious too. For one, I am not investing a lot in any given platform. Additionally, I do my due diligence to ensure that my money is safe and isn’t going to vanish.

My Alternate Investments as of December 2019:

My Alternate Investments Update - January'20

All updates for the month of December’19:

My Alternate Investments Update - January'20

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