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Overall Investments: Monthly Updates

Alternate Investments

All alternate Investments monthly updates can be found in this section. Alternate investments are loans and interesting income generating avenues for investment.

Cashbacks and Reward Points

All my rewards, cashbacks, points monthly updates in one place for you to easily find them. This is as important as anything else. You will find my updates on all alternate incomes, cashbacks, miles and other rewards that I earn during the month.

Mutual Fund Investments

All my mutual fund investments updates monthly updates, portfolio changes, month on month movement of funds, best mutual funds, ELSS, ULIPs, Debt funds etc to invest in here.

P2P Lending Investments

P2P Lending Investments in India

P2P lending investments and loans that are given on the peer to peer platforms have increased in the past couple of years. In this section I am going to talk about a couple of things:
  • My experiences with P2P lending investments
  • My loans on Peer-t-peer platforms
  • Reviews of P2P sites in India and in other countries

Stock Market investments

I have invested initially Rs.1,50,000 in the Indian stock markets. Track my Stock Market investments monthly updates, dividends I receive, stock picking strategies and more here

November’19: Mutual Fund Investments Update

November'19 mutual funds investments have been decent overall. Not as much as expected, still not too bad. Details on Side pocketing by fund houses and more

November’19: Alternate Investments Update – Something new

Updates on November'19 Alternate investments. I've invested in one new channel of alternate investment that will be paying passive income for 20 years.

November’19: Cashbacks and Rewards update

From this month onwards, I will be repotring the cashbacks and rewards I get in a month. It is pretty big amount and you'd be interested to know more

November’19 Monthly Update – Great month for investments

November'19 has been a great month for investments. I have added one new alternate investment and have also started reporting cashbacks and rewards points.

November’19: Stock Market Investments – Bull run

November'19 has been a great month for my stock market investments. A total of Rs.6,694 profits have been made this month. More on what went right and wrong

October’19 – Mutual Fund Investments

In October I had to decide which mutual funds, debt funds to invest in and in what ratio. Here is how it went.

October’19 – Stock Market Investments

I started with a total of RS.1,50,000 in the stock markets. Here is how I have spread the money across stocks to ensure I get great returns

Investment Goal: 5-to-5-in-12 (October’19 Update)

Oct'19, here is my first update on my journey towards my investment goal of 5-to-5-in-12. Here is how much I am investing and how I spread my investments
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Little Saves Jan’20 Scorecard