It’s raining cash! My Cashbacks and Rewards update – December’19

I earned Rs.1,39,290 in as cashbacks, rewards and airmiles in 2019, over 1 month's salary for me. Check out why I say it is raining cash in cashback land
Raining cash in cashback land - my cashbacks and rewards update for 2019

Every one (but me) who talks about FIRE, Financial Independence and Retire Early, miss this one stream of income! It is a very important one and it is always raining cash in cashback land. It is so important, that I made over 1.3 lakhs from this in 2019 alone!

Why I say it’s raining cash – Dec’19 updates

In't raining cash in cashback land - My Alternate investment returns for 2019
In’t raining cash in cashback land – My Alternate investment returns for 2019

It is only after I started tracking to write and report to you my passive income, I realized how much I made in 2019. It took me a couple of hours to manually collate the respective programs, cashbacks and miles which I have spent in the past in 2019. But it was an eye opener.

I have earned and spent a total of Rs.98,155 in 2019 in the form of rewards, cashbacks and points! ? Now, that is 1 full month’s salary for me. Think about it, by planning and timing my purchases, keeping an eye out for deals, I was able to get one full month’s salary more than you!

In the coming weeks, I shall write about the different programs and how you could also benefit from them and follow me in adding cashbacks and rewards as a serious stream of passive income to retire early. If you are smart, this can be a really great way to continue with your current lifestyle, and save up hard earned money for your retirement.

Reporting changes

This is my second month tracking these and there are still a few loopholes to iron out. I have made one major change in the way I am going to report my cashbacks and rewards to you.

Earlier, I only showed how much I had in hand. So when I earned a cashback of Rs.300, and used up Rs.100, I could only show you I had Rs.200. My hard earned cashback never got reported correctly. So going forward, I will be showing this in two sections. 1.) Cashbacks and rewards in hand 2.) Cashbacks and rewards that I have used up.

Now for tracking purposes and towards my 5-to-5-in-12 goal, I will only consider the cashbacks and rewards in hand in my portfolio. However it is interesting to see the amount of money I have made which has offset my expenses and allowed me to live a more luxurious life on a lesser cost.

My Cashbacks and Rewards as of December’19:

All of these are in Rupees. I have used the most conservative (well below market) values to convert points and miles to Rupees.

American Express Points3879.544824.546491.52
Flipkart Supercoins & Vouchers125012702764
Hotels & Stay points259325932593
Other points programs700700700
IOC Rewards0201.9207.9
Paytm Cashbacks & Balance02053745.12
Amazon Pay Card+Cashbacks287039122113
Play Rewards8389125.97

All updates for the month of December’19:

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Abhi is a 29 yr old Indian, on FIRE to retire by 40. He has been investing and learning Finance for the past 12 years. After completing Mechanical engineering, he started working in a multi-national Bank and grew to become an AVP. Currently with an IT MNC as a VP. He lives in Bangalore with his wife and their 1 year old daughter. In his free time, Abhi loves to game on the Xbox, watch movies, read and blog.

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