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Overall Investments: Monthly Updates

Alternate Investments

All alternate Investments monthly updates can be found in this section. Alternate investments are loans and interesting income generating avenues for investment.

Cashbacks and Reward Points

All my rewards, cashbacks, points monthly updates in one place for you to easily find them. This is as important as anything else. You will find my updates on all alternate incomes, cashbacks, miles and other rewards that I earn during the month.

Mutual Fund Investments

All my mutual fund investments updates monthly updates, portfolio changes, month on month movement of funds, best mutual funds, ELSS, ULIPs, Debt funds etc to invest in here.

P2P Lending Investments

P2P Lending Investments in India

P2P lending investments and loans that are given on the peer to peer platforms have increased in the past couple of years. In this section I am going to talk about a couple of things:
  • My experiences with P2P lending investments
  • My loans on Peer-t-peer platforms
  • Reviews of P2P sites in India and in other countries

Stock Market investments

I have invested initially Rs.1,50,000 in the Indian stock markets. Track my Stock Market investments monthly updates, dividends I receive, stock picking strategies and more here

Overall Investment Updates for January’20 – Tax Season

I made a total of Rs.11,091 as passive income in January'20. I have achieved 1.28% of my goal so far, still a long way to go! Read on...

Stock Investment Updates Jan’20 – The Bloodbath continues

At the peak of January, my stocks were down by over Rs.25,000. I managed to sell two stock holdings for 10% profits. Here is the update on my stocks

My Alternate Investments Update – January’20

I got my Rs.2,500 return on my loan of Rs.2,00,000 as usual. No other major changes in my alternate investments this month.

Earning Reward Points & Cashbacks update – January’20

I earned Rs.11,091 as Passive income in Jan'20. Of this, Rs.8,497 was from cashbacks and reward points. Here is my updates on how I'm earning reward points

P2P lending updates – January’20 Cautious when lending

I've increased my loans given. In Jan'20 I have given out an additional Rs.24,500 as loans.I am being cautious when lending in terms of the platform I use.

Mutual Fund Investments Update- January’20 -Mutual Funds on FIRE!

My mutual funds are on fire! I am currently getting 15.6% returns on my mutual funds investment. Here is my MF investment updates for January 2020.

Make money by lending – My P2P Lending Update – December’19

I have made Rs.47 for the Rs.2731 I have lent on P2P platforms. Here is my December'19 update on making money by lending on P2P platforms

My Investment Updates for December’19 – Year of Passive Income

2019 has been the year of Passive Income for me. I made over Rs.1,66,000 (almost 2 months salary) purely as passive income. Here is my investment update.

It’s raining cash! My Cashbacks and Rewards update – December’19

I earned Rs.1,39,290 in as cashbacks, rewards and airmiles in 2019, over 1 month's salary for me. Check out why I say it is raining cash in cashback land

My Alternate Investments Update – December’19

I've had a steady flow of income from my alternate investments. Soon, my investment in a new venture will start paying. Here's my total income for Dec'19

Blood bath on Dalal Street­čĹ║- My Stock Investment for Dec’19

December'19 saw a bloodbath on Dalal Street. Last month I made 4% on my stock investments, this month I lost 3%. Still overall I am positive.

A ‘Meh’ month for Funds – My Mutual Funds for December’19

Overall December'19 was an average month for my mutual fund investments. My current returns is ~Rs.2300, a return of 2.3% in 3 months and 9.4% annualized.
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Little Saves Jan'20 Scorecard
Little Saves Jan’20 Scorecard