November’19: Alternate Investments Update – Something new

Updates on November'19 Alternate investments. I've invested in one new channel of alternate investment that will be paying passive income for 20 years.
November'19 Alternate Investments

In November’19 under alternate investments, I decided to spice things up. I chose and invested in one new and promising opportunity. It is called Sunexchange and I will be adding more on this very soon.

November’19 all alternate investments

TotalTotal InvestedOctober’19November’19MoM Increase%
Overall – Alternate Investments200,000200,000203,4002%

You all know about the Rs.2,00,000 I have already given to my family friend for an interest of 15%. Well he is kind of like my chacha and my mom made me save this money few years back and give it to him. I felt bad at that time. Now, I don’t, had I had it, it would have been blown away long back. At 15% that is freaking awesome, what she did. He didn’t need the money either. But just played along as he is pretty rich and this is nothing to him. I still get this interest from his accountant on time 🙂

Now in addition to this, I have started actively looking for other avenues that are non-traditional in nature to park my funds. And make them grow! For quite sometime I have know Sun exchange, this time I decide to place a bit of investments in it.

What would you consider as alternate investments?

In plain simple words, alternate investments are non equity, cash or fund income investments. So, pretty much all hedge funds, private stocks, gold, silver and even real estate. But, in this generation there are a lot of options. P2P lending, crowd funded real estate, crowd funded equity and what not.

Enter Sun exchange

The concept of Sun exchange is quite simple. It is an African company that enters into agreements with schools, supermarkets etc to install solar panels. The panels generate solar power that replaces otherwise expensive electricity. Sun exchange crowd funds the solar panels. The income from solar power is distributed to investors monthly for 20 years. As per their calculations, I should be getting about 11.5% IRR.

I have invested about Rs.3,400, buying myself 7 solar panels. The revenue starts flowing in once the panels are installed (sometime in Jan’20). This revenue will hit my account and continue for the next 20 years. I shall write a separate article so you could give this a shot.

My Alternate Investments as of November 2019:

TotalTotal InvestedOctober’19November’19
Loan to Family Friend200000200000200000
Sun Exchange340003400

All updates for the month of November’19:

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